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Welcome to 
Rancho Encino Life Skills

We are an equine ranch that hosts a variety of research based Equine Assisted Learning programs centered around personal and professional growth. Our unique approach harnesses the immense power of horses to help you reach your goals. 

All of our programs strictly follow an in-hand format. This means there is no horse riding involved. Our clients work with the horse instead of controlling the horse. This leaves room for our horses to provide honest feedback. 

What We Offer

Can't decide?

Our client's testimonials speak to the power of working with our horses. Read some of the testimonials below to help you decide if our programs are right for you. 

K. Jac

"I loved everything about the women's retreat. At first I didn't understand how horses would guide us, but they really did and we learned so much more than we would have without them. It was a wonderful day and the food was delicious too."

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